Sodium Bicarbonate 50 Lb Bag
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Alkalinity increaser Sodium Bicarbonate

When alkalinity is too high, your pool water is equally unsafe and scales will begin to form on your pool and pool equipment. Granular alkalinity increaser can help to prevent these problems by stabilizing the pool pH and ensuring that your pool is safe for swimming. More importantly, maintaining a balanced pH by effectively administering an alkalinity increaser also ensures that your pool water is refreshing and enjoyable on even the hottest summer day. The vast majority of alkalinity increaser products are made from sodium bicarbonate which is a safe substance. Depending on the size of your pool you will need to carefully measure your alkalinity increaser in order to accurately and effectively increase pool alkalinity. Essentially, alkalinity increaser acts as a buffer and improves the ability of your pool water to resist pH changes. When your alkalinity level drops below 80ppm, pH will begin to fluctuate dangerously causing water to become acidic and corrosive. 

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Sodium Bicarbonate 50 Lb Bag

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