Recreational Water Illnesses Book

The Recreational Water Illnesses 9 chapter, 114-page handbook provides a
comprehensive and detailed understanding about the control of RWIs.  RWIs are
preventable and not every facility has the same risk.  Learn how to prevent them
and help protect patrons in your community. 
Created for pool operators and
managers, service companies, suppliers, and health officials, the handbook takes
the participant through the basic steps of identifying the health threats
present, unique features to those threats, understanding what the possible
consequences would be, identifying ways to reduce the risks, and prioritizing
the risk reduction.
The topics covered in the handbook include: 

  • Risk Management for RWIs
  • Microbes & Disease
  • Gastrointestinal, Dermal & Respiratory RWIs
  • Other Microorganisms and Diseases in Aquatic Settings
  • Methods for Control of RWIs

CEUs are available upon request.
For more extensive training, take the RWI
Online Course

Prepare for Recreational Water Illness and Injury (RWII)
Prevention Week by downloading the RWII Toolkit from the CDC.

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Recreational Water Illnesses Book

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