Pool and Spa Basics
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Pool & Spa Basics Course

The Pool & Spa Basics online training course is designed to quickly get retailers, builders, distributors and manufacturers up to speed on the basics of pool and spa operation. The course will help people gain the basic knowledge required to effectively serve their customers. This course was to meet the needs of those individuals new to the industry, who know that customers expect to find well-informed people on staff. Whether they are answering phones, working the retail counter, or in the field, the Pool & Spa Basics and Water Chemistry Basics courses will give them the knowledge and confidence they need.

Students will learn about different types of pools and spas, materials, and construction, including:

  • reducing risk in and around the water
  • safe chemical handling and storage
  • importance of recordkeeping
  • identifying causes of water loss
  • types of energy loss
  • and designing for air circulation

The training is dynamic, making learning easier. Each course contains narration, video, images, quizzes and other interactive learning tools to engage the student. Because the course is online, it is self-paced, and students can complete the course at their convenience.

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Pool and Spa Basics

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