Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect
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The Ultimate 6-In-1 Pool Water Clarifier

Transform the way you care for your pool water with Clear and Perfect, which is the most superior available product of its kind. This technologically advanced and concentrated clarifier will transform your pool water from dull and cloudy to flawless and gorgeous. It works quickly to remove small, suspended particles not captured by filters.

Clear and Perfect boasts a 6-in-1 process that includes agglomeration, coagulation, flocculation, adhesion, compaction and neutralization. Each step of the comprehensive process ensures your water will be clearer and more brilliant than you ever thought possible. The multiple polymers contained in Clear and Perfect work on the billions of other substances that may be floating around your pool, including debris and non-organic contaminants. The result is inviting, sparkling water that beckons you to dive in.

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Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect

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