Aquatic Safety Compendium™ Book and CD

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A MUST FOR Attorneys • Aquatic
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“It is apparent... that the injuries involved in
serious swimming pool cases are devastating and permanent. They present a
challenge for litigants and lawyers to overcome in terms of the sympathy and
­horror they portend.”


William H. Ginsburg JD


  • Comprehensive discussion of safety and legal issues
  • Contributions from leading experts in the aquatic industry
  • Clarifies the merits of litigation based on scientific


Despite the high relative safety of pools and spas,
injuries are often catastrophic. This valuable, science-base resource provides
factual information to help you understand risks based on an objective view of


The hardcover book has high-resolution images, color
graphics throughout and a comprehensive table of contents. Ten captivating and
illustrative chapters are color-coded on the page edges to make it easy to find
the right chapter.




  1. Historical Perspective and Aquatic Safety
    Glen H.
    Egstrom Ph.D.
  2. Comparison Of Risks in and Around Swimming
    Kenneth A. Solomon Ph.D.
  3. Behavioral Aspects of Pool Safety
    Melvin H. Rudov Ph.D.
  4. Drowning: Mechanics, Prevention and Management
    Glen H.
    Egstrom Ph.D.
  5. The Mechanics of Diving
    Kenneth A. Solomon Ph.D. &
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Aquatic Safety Compendium™ Book and CD

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