Aquatic Facility Audits™ Course
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Maintaining a safe environment for the staff and for the patrons of the pool should be the goal of every facility. An audit is an integral component to the risk management plan. Whether you are a facility manager, a service company, a consultant, a builder, or a retailer, conducting audits should be a regular, scheduled activity of the risk management plan. Properly conducting an audit does require a clear understanding of the purpose and process. An illustrated, color handbook is included with the online course.

In this course, you will learn how to avoid accidents and injury by identifying potential hazards.  Identifying hazards and correcting them will create a safer facility by:

  • Reducing illness and injury rates
  • Reducing worker’s compensation claims
  • Empowering employees by involving them in the activities that affect their own safety
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Making the facility more competitive
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Aquatic Facility Audits™ Course

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